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Almere’s just a modern city. These kind of city’s with strange buildings, strange forms and usually, grey’s and brown’s colors. When we don’t stay in Amsterdam, we always walk among the buildings of the city mall, in Almere, called “Winkelcentrum City Mall”. The entire cities have just a mall, so we stay at this one making shops and these kind of things.

At first I can’t see anything more than this modern architecture that I say, a lot of shops, a parking for a bikes, and finally, a big lake, creating in my retina the image of a great modernist organism, and these one was fantastic.

But mi anecdote comes now. This mall has just two “faces”, the first one, these modern shops and coffees, etc. But when some friends and I goes at the upstairs of one big shop, at the balcony of this, I can see the second face, the green face.

This city mall, have a little secret, an awesome vision of a little gardens, on the roofs of the buildings and shops. Just a like little gardens in houses, but in the roofs of the city mall. I was surprised, cause you can stay there, taking a drink and looking at these fantastic mirage.

So my anecdote is reflected in this, this surprise that I had to see this small green oasis. To finally, say that was like these small thinks in our lives, just only to enjoy it.

When I was at home with my partner, Kim, she thought that it was nice to gone with bicycles to see the tulips in front of her house. In the morning it was raining so some parts of the way to visit the tulips were damp. At the beginning the way was wonderful, beautiful landscape, sun, miles...But when we arrived to the way which had land, my bicycle stopped because of the mud in the road and I had to go down and walked to tulips carrying my bicycle, so my new boots were wet. Kim and I started to laugh and I can’t carry my bicycle well, so I fell into a puddle. We tried to clean our boots in the grass but it was impossible.
When we had to go back to her house, her mum clean our bicycles with a hose and we had to clean our boots because her mum don’t want that we gone into the house with mud.
Aina Mínguez

On Wednesday, we went to Baken Park Lyceum to have classes there and to make a newspaper. My friends and I had finished the newspaper workshop earlier than the others, so we went out the school to have lunch. Aina, Paula and me went to the toilet, and when we went back, nobody was outside. We looked at the schedule and went to the room written down there, but it was wrong. We walked through the school's corridors during fifteen minutes, we were lost. Then, we sat down in front of the lockers (where we could appreciate the wide mathematic knowledge of the school shown in the photograph) and phoned Sampons to find out where everybody was. The bad news were that our newspaper had won and we had missed the awards.


It happened on 27th Friday. I was doing the survival when I had to jump on a floating surface similar to a hamburger. I had seen some people falling into the water, so I was a little bit scared of falling too. Àger, who jumped just before me, fell in the first try. I was praying to god not to fall into the water, at least not in the first try. I jumped and I thought I jumped well, but then the hamburger began to shake and I fell immediately into the water. The water was extremely freezing! It was difficult to breathe and to swim. Eventually, Milan helped me an Àger to leave the water.  I needed a shower to remove the mud. It was funny but a little bit nasty.

A day at Aquamundo…

The first complete day we stayed at Holland, almost everyone went to visit Amsterdam, but my partner, his friends, their partners and me, went to a place called Aquamundo, which is a very big swimming pool, with toboggans, and jumps, very similar to Illa Fantasía, but indoor.

We wasted the whole day there, except Marc, his partner and his friends, who came very very late, because they had gone bed late because of the party (we arrived to the place about at 11 am, and then, we called them, but they were already sleeping). I met some very nice Dutch people and two more Czech people. They were all very nice and they did forget my friends, who I couldn’t see during a whole day.

Finally, this day I met my partner’s father, who I hadn’t been able to see until this day because the day we arrived he was at Belgium, and I went with the family to a restaurant-ship, were the food on there was a type of creppes but called pancakes.

The "tilted buildings"

During the exchange we went to Amsterdam in many times. I like that city and I want to go again in the future. But it was a strange thing about the old buildings, generally in which are in front of the river: They are inclined outwards. The first time I saw it I thought it was only in some buildings, but during the exchange and the times I went to Amsterdam I saw many buildings with this strange characteristic. Finally when we went to the "Amsterdam History Museum" I mentioned that to Ager and she asked that to Loreno. Then he asked that to our guide and told us the answer.
It is basically for the muddy ground. Holland in its origins was covered in seawater, and now the terrain is like the sea ground. When this buildings were built, the builders put iron stakes inside to fix it. But with the pass of time, the muddy ground changes and the stakes change too, tilting the buildings.
But not all the buildings are accidentally tilted. Some buildings are tilted to reduce the dampness (avoiding some of the rain).

 My anecdote
The last day we had a good time in the Netherlands, exactly in Amsterdam.

I was with two friends in a street, and we wanted to cross the road to go inside a cheese shop, as I wanted to buy some cheeses. My Dutch partner said to me the first time we went to Amsterdam, that this city is very crowded, and we had to take cared of the bikes and some cars.

You had to be very careful, because the bicycles for example, they had a fast speed and they were not very careful. This time we went to cross fast, and one of my friends had a hit with a man, that he was riding his bicycle.

My friend was not hurt; it was only a small scare. My friend asked the man if he had damage, but he replied that he did not, and he repeated again and again, the lamp that was on the bike was broken, and it cost a lot of money.

After this, a man who saw what had happened, asked to my friend if she was good, I think this man was friendly (not as the other).

The first night we were a group of Spanish home from a Dutch.
That night was expected FCB vs. Madrid when we came to receive us at the door.
We left the bike outside in the hall with all the others and walked inside , we grabbed our coats and made us remove shoes.
My anecdote is not explain that happened in that football player but in any home around the world had to remove the shoes.
In Holland always go barefoot inside the house , my partner´s house was carpeted and they did not wear shoes.
Not only left the shoes at the door but all the jackets were hung on hangers and do not step to the room.
What most struck me was that didn't only his friends left their shoes but the Spanish also got used to being without shoes at home.


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And on Friday....... Survival

Noies enfangades......

No es el Marc Monterde, però es prou il.lustratiu.... 

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Some videos 23rd April Workshops

Spaguetti Bridges

Street Dance



   Finals Street Dance

                                            Taller de teatre

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Diari de Holanda

Dissabte 28 d’Abril 

Ja és l’últim dia. Quedem tots junts a l’estació d’ Almere per agafar el tren que ens portarà cap a Amsterdam.
Amb molta llàstima ens acomiadem primer de la família i després dels nostres partners. Al arribar a la capital deixem l’equipatge a les taquilles de l’estació central i quedem a la plaça Dum a les 13:30h. Passem el dia per separat gaudint de l’ultima vegada que hi estarem a Amsterdam.
A les 15:30 ens acomiadem de la ciutat i anem direcció a l’aeroport. El vol es va retardar una hora però finalment a les 22:30 ja érem a Barcelona altra vegada amb la família.

Albert Martínez
Divendres 27

Avui és el nostre últim dia d'intercanvi i estem tots una mica tristos per haver de marxar, encara que, per sort aquest matí hem pogut dormir una miqueta més.

Aquest matí hem anat a fer el survival i, tot i que ens hem embrutat molt, ha estat molt divertit.

Només arribar ens hem dividit en quatre grups per fer les diferents activitats. El meu grup primer ha començat fent una cursa d'obstacles on competíem amb les nostres partners holandeses individualment; després hem fet un altre circuit on competíem les noies catalanes contra les holandeses (com us podeu imaginar les hem guanyat ;) ) i més tard hem fet un joc de cooperació entre totes.

Finalment hem arribat a la part dels jocs d'aigua, al principi ningú es volia mullar pero al final, de una manera o una altra, tots hem acabat ben xops per culpa d'haver-nos caigut en una piscina d'aigua molt freda.

Quan hem acabat ens hem dutxat i hem marxat cadascú a casa seva on hem dinat.

Per la tarda cadascú ha anat amb la seva partner a algun lloc. Jo i unes quantes amigues hem anat a Bataviastad, un centre comercial d'oulets de primeres marques.

Quan hem acabat de mirar botigues hem tornat a casa i hem sopat.

Després de sopar ens hem acabat de preparar la maleta i, per acabar l'intercanvi hem anat a una discoteca anomenada Storm.

Sandra López

Dijous 26 Abril

Cada cop queda menys per la tornada a casa, això significa que començem a gaudir més de la nostra visita a Holanda. El dia ha començat amb agafar el bus cap a les nou menys quart direcció al Enkhuizer museum, quan varem arribar, vam agafar unes embarcacions que ens portaven al museu. Es tractava d'observar la vida real en museus exteriors, on vam poder observar cases, molins, com feien els peixos, l'esglesia, diferents eines que utilitzaven i el comerç que es realitzava. Ens van deixar temps lliure per poder xafardellar per tots els racons que ens poguessim trobar. Més endavant van trobar-nos tots i vam decidir passejar una mica i anar a dinar on volguessim. Cap a les cuatre i mitja vam agafar l'embarcació de tornada al punt inicial per tornar a Almere amb tots. Cadascú va anar a arreglar-se per anar a sopar fora amb els nostres "partners". Els holandesos van decidir portarnos a sopar els tipics "pancakes" que es menjaven allà. Vam poder fer diverses combinacions i gaudir del nostre sopar. Un cop acabat el sopar, alguns van decidir acabar la nit amb un bon gelat i alguns van anar a pendre algo a un bar del centre de Almere. D'aquesta manera va acabar un dia més a Holanda.

Ornella Lon Kan Daorta

Dimarts 24 Abril

Ja ha passat la meitat del intercanvi i ni ens hem adonat, 4 dies!

Avui a les 8.30 hem anat a l'escola per agafar el bus i anar a Amsterdam a les 9. Ens hem dividit en 4 grups per anar a diferents museus: Rijt Museum of Art, Jewish Museum, Van Gogh Museum and Amsterdam History Museum. Més tard hem acabat la visita tots plegats i hem visitat una mica Amsterdam fins les 12.30 i despres hem dinat al Dam, una plaça del centre. Alguns han aprofitat per comprar souvenirs al mercat de les flors i altres per visitar el famós Red-Light District.

A la tarda hem fet una petita excursió en vaixell per un riu i finalment hem tornat a l'escola.

Cadascú ha sopat a casa de la seva familia i hem vist el partit del Barça contra el Chelsea (en el qual va guanyar el Chelsea).

Finalment hem acabat tots junts a la discoteca Storm amb els txecs, els russos i els nostres partners holandesos. Un amic de l'escola va organitzar una festa privada només per nosaltres que va acabar a les 2.30 am. Alguns vam tornar a casa en bicicleta, en taxi i altres en cotxe.
Paula Jiménez

Diumenge 22 d’ Abril

Ja hem passat la primera nit a casa de les nostres famílies d’ Almere.
Avui diumenge és dia per passar-ho amb la família i per això hi ha alumnes que han anat a visitar algun museu, d’altres que han anat a veure molins i tulipes... però la majoria hem anat a visitar Amsterdam pel matí, aprofitant per anar de compres o recórrer el barri vermell.
Vam marxar de la capital per tornar a Almere per la tarda per així poder sopar a casa a les sis de la tarda. I més tard, cap a les 20:00h vam tornar a quedar tots plegats en un bar situat al centre de la ciutat, anomenat “Le Baron” per prendre alguna cosa. No vam estar molta estona per marxar-nos a dormir ja que demà tenim que anar a l’escola a fer activitats. Aina Gutiérrez

Dissabte 21 Abril

Després de dues hores de vol, hem arribat per fi a terres holandeses. Encara que al principi el temps semblava que no seria molt favorable, al final encara que amb una mica de fred, fet sol tot el dia. Després que cada un agafés les maletes i que agafesin un mòbil que es van descuidar a l'avió vam anar Almere alguns es van anar en cotxe i els altres, que no ens van venir a buscar a l'aeroport vam anar amb tren fins a Almere. Després cada un va anar a menjar a la casa del seu company d'intercanvi, més tard la majoria de nosaltres vam anar a passar la tarda a Almere ens van ensenyar una mica com era la ciutat, era una ciutat molt moderna no hi havia cap edifici antic ia tots ens vam sorprendre de la quantitat de bicicletes que hi havia a la ciutat. Al principi anàvem en grups separats, però al final ens reunim tots i ens vam posar a la vora de l'aigua on vam veure uns quants ànecs, al cap d'una estona vam tornar tots a sopar (a les 6 de la tarda) i després molts van venir a veure el partit (FCBarcelona vs Reial Madrid) a casa del meu company d'intercanvi, altres van anar a un altre casa a veure el partit. Després de 2 hores de tensió el partit es va acabar amb un resultat favorable al Madrid 2-1 quan el arbrite va xiular el final del partit això semblava un enterrament, ja que, eren uns 25 del Barcelona i només jo i un holandès estàvem del Madrid ( em vaig fer un fart de riure tota la nit). Després uns per intentar ovlidar les penes i jo i l'holandès per tot el contrari vam decidir anar de festa. Abans d'anar a la discoteca vam anar a casa d'un holandès per prendre alguna cosa, però hi va haver un malantés perquè a molts de nosaltres no ens van dir que havíem de pagar per poder prendre alguna cosa i ells ja havien comprat les vegudes i ens van deixar a la terrassa de la casa, fins que no acabar.Quan van acabar vam agafar les bicicletes i ens vam anar a la discoteca, en arribar vam fer una mica de cua però vam poder entrar tots a la discoteca. A la poca estona estàvem la majoria de nosaltres asseguts en uns sofàs perquè estàvem molt cansatas del viatge, mentre que tots els holandesos van estar ballant tota la nit. Més o menys a la 1 de la nit alguns anerse de la discoteca i alguns no ens vam anar fins a les 3, uns quants els van venir a buscar amb cotxe mentre que alguns vam haver de tornar una altra vegada amb bicicleta. Això ha estat tot del nostre primer dia a Holanda

Albert Fuentes

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Arribada Perfecte

Hem arribat sans i estalvis. El temps, sense comentaris i com era d'esperar.....

Aqui teniu algunes fotos.......